Trying fodmap … seeking research participants

Trying fodmap … seeking research participants


At Tummi we understand the potential to help people with IBS symptoms to make improvements in the quality of life through the fodmap diet. We’ve developed a mobile phone app that acts as a dietary coach, supporting the user through the challenging steps of modifying their diet.

We’re now ready to offer that to a small number of users. Our expectation is that the App will improve their adherence to the diet and incentive a focus on making the change and seeing it through to the personalization stage. Afterall, nobody really wants to be too restricted on what they can eat!

If you are keen to be part of this exclusive programme please drop us a short email at

We just need to know who you are, where you are and what stage of fodmap you are at? For those we agree to take on the programme we have a cash incentive of £25 available for agreeing to share input on the app through a short interview.

We’re hoping to help tens of thousands of people make an amazing change in their lives.