How do I find out more about the fodmap diet?

The ideal way to set-up on learning more about fodmap is to find an accredited dietitian in your area. Dietitians will often have additional qualifications on top of their main certification so look out for evidence that they have completed fodmap diet training to help IBS sufferers. In the UK Kings College London (KCL) provides this training to many registered dietitians. 


What if I can’t find a dietitian to support me through the low fodmap process?

In most countries, the registered body covering dietetics will include an online resource to find a registered dietitian in your area. Many dietitians are happy to provide consultations via video call (skype, facetime etc…) and, as such, it may be more important that the individual specifically has fodmap training.


What if I want to add additional health-related inputs into my IBS food diary and symptom tracker? 

We know that many IBS sufferers find that triggers include many varied factors. The Tummi App is optimised for IBS sufferers making progress with fodmap, it allows you to form an understanding of which fodmap groups you are most sensitive to. As such Tummi does not include tracking relating to sleep, physical activity, water consumed etc… . We are, however, interested to hear from users that see value in tracking additional inputs in the course of finding the ideal balance with a fodmap diet. So please send any ideas or feature requests to support@tummi.co.uk and we’ll consider popular requirements for the product roadmap.

What if I don’t have an IBS diagnosis?

The fodmap diet was developed for those suffering from IBS type symptoms. You should visit your GP or clinician to ensure a diagnosis is made and that any more serious conditions are eliminated. We recommend that users of the Tummi App have confirmed they have that diagnosis before they start their journey towards a personalized fodmap diet.

What about iOS?

For the initial launch, we have focused on the Android Platform. But don’t worry Apple users, we expect to be live with the iOS version of the Tummi App for IBS by the end of 2022!