About Us

The Tummi FODMAP App is a digital health platform designed by IBS sufferers who realised they needed a better way to maintain a food and symptom diary. Gut health issues are commonplace, although they rarely get the attention they deserve from the medical professional. More often than not they are seen by people as a taboo topic. However social attitudes are changing and we’re seeing gut health developing in exciting new directions.

The team at Tummi have brought together the best of London’s Tech scene and dietary expertise to develop the most user friendly food diary app to help adhere to the fodmap diet. They aspire to break the taboo’s and get people to identify the opportunities to transform their health.

The fodmap diet can be a transformatory step for many people and, in Tummi, we think we have developed the closest thing to having a dietary coach in your pocket.

Erica Ascenza is an experienced Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist with a successful background working in the NHS and healthcare industry. She works with people and organizations to help improve their health and wellbeing by adapting evidence-based, nutritional therapies assembled to meet the clients’ individual needs. She is a specialist FODMAP trained dietitian and can support patients diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), reducing symptoms like pain, bloating and improving quality of life.
She has completed the Advanced FODMAP diet Practitioner training with Kings College University and she is a member of the Special Gastroenterology Group at the BDA. When she isn’t working on Tummi or supporting patients, she enjoys creating low FODMAP recipes and exploring new foods and products that can help with IBS. In fact, she sees the diet from a user perspective as she personally follows the Low FODMAP diet.

Guy Hutchinson is the founder of Tummi. He developed the App based on his personal experiences when he took on the fodmap diet in 2018.
Guy has a deep passion for data-driven business models that incorporate behavioural science to help people to be the best version of themselves.
He has 15 years experience in executive positions in start-up businesses, 7 of which through his own consultancy. He has lead businesses in a range of verticals from e-commerce, Proptech and marketplace models.
He quickly realised that being able to modify your diet to a personalised low fodmap plan was a game changer for around 12% people. Of course, the path to that involves learning about personal intolerances and supporting changes in long standing habits - essentially having a dietary coach in your pocket. And so, the Tummi FOMDAP app was born 🙂