Diet personalization through low-fodmap

With Tummi you can analyze your sensitivity to high fodmap foods and derive a personalized diet that’s kinder to your gut.


A smarter way to manage your IBS symptoms

Tummi is able to help you maintain your food diary and correlate which foods drive uncomfortable gut symptoms.

Our App was derived through the combination of the experiences of specialist dietitians as well as IBS sufferers.

Here's why Tummi works for IBS sufferers

Tummi is based on evidence-based medicine - ‘70% of IBS sufferers who adhere to a low-fodmap regime see their uncomfortable symptoms reduce and lifestyle return to normal. Tummi can help you adhere to the fodmap programme and deliver life-changing results’
We allow you to identify your food sensitivities - ‘IBS is not a straight forward condition and everyone’s symptoms are different. These variations occur as our bodies react to different foods in various different ways. Personalizing your diet is key and Tummi steers the user through the reintroduction process and towards a varied and nutritious diet that delivers alleviated symptoms’
Our App helps you partner with your dietitian enabling closer clinical support - ‘Our App learns about your diet, meal intake and identifies patterns in your flare-ups. We can provide detailed reports for you and these can support a dietitian in their work to establish your new healthy diet

Ready to get started?

Your personalized fodmap diet could be just weeks away. Get the App, learn about the fodmap program and build a personal dietary approach that makes IBS symptoms a thing of the past.